Hey there, 

I'm Johanna. Twenty-something and still not really sure where my life is leading me to. Maybe that's why I love to travel so much. It's said that you find yourself when you're out there in the world, exploring different countries and cultures, and - I guess - yourself, too.

I'm a student of Political Science and American Studies, a former flight attendant, and am working in social media marketing for one of the biggest youth/teen radio stations in Germany as a part time job. I only feel complete when I'm in motion. Be it physically or mentally - it's my elixir of life. Being outdoors makes me feel alive. Be it in the mountains or near the ocean, or just going for a run in the fresh morning air - because life happens outdoors, right?! 

I love to write and used to work as a reporter for a local newspaper in my hometown. Although this newspaper doesn't exist anymore, my love for writing still lives on. 

And that is why I decided to start this blog: I wanted to share my love for traveling, being outdoors, and exploring unknown places - and write about it. Because that's what I am all about. This blog is my personal travel diary with the most amazing memories and adventures.

I hope someone out there enjoys my ramblings and wants to follow my adventures near and far. Because, oh yes: "It was all freaking awesome." 

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